a contemplation of that much-maligned mammal, the pig

About Porkopolis.org

Viewed as a whole, Porkopolis.org is a single-minded bestiary. It presents an enswined miscellany of circumstance and viewpoint, fact and opinion, all contemplating that much-maligned mammal, the pig.

Visitors here are invited to read, explore, observe and reflect. In this rooting yard I have gathered together some fine slops, concocted of other thinkers choicest morsels, and little but the bucket that holds them all is mine own.

Therefore, I gratefully salute all the swineherds and scholars, prognosticators and pundits, bourgeois pigs and breeders, porktologists, bacon laureates, pigmatists and pigamists and all the ancillary and extraneous muses of porconography.

Hail and well met, all ye sages, pilgrims and fellow guardians of the Republic’s pork. Thank you for providing me all the data and detritus I have interwoven here.


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A random image of a pig, hog, boar or swine from the collection at Porkopolis.