so far I have met no deities

I have gathered together here some fine slops, concocted of other thinkers choicest morsels, and little but the bucket that holds them all is mine own.

Daniel E. Schultz. Editor, Curator, Swineherd

swineherd reading

To maintain this site I essentially do the work of the swineherds of old who passed their days looking after a bunch of free–foraging pigs.

Although I occasionally fend off a wolf or python, rescue a pig from some esoteric indulgence or wipe some lipstick off a few errant sows, this is casual work and allows a lot of leisure time to dream, read and think.

Perhaps that is why swineherds in European mythologies were known to be inspired people. They had the time to pursue philosophical recreations.

Ancient swineherds had visions, they did odd and interesting things outside the office, they tended to become poets or mystics, they married princesses and encountered deities on the pig paths.

And though I did marry a beautiful princess, I can not yet lay claim to any tremendously inspired visions or creations myself, except for this space —

That being said, this site contains some wonderful discoveries, as well as many of the thoughts and insights that have occurred to me while swineherding… So far I have met no deities.

Daniel E. Schultz,
Editor, Curator and Swineherd

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