Early Civilization

Pig and human history timeline
4001 to 1200 BC

c. 2205 BC
Lung-Shan Culture of prehistoric China raises pigs and practiced scapulimancy — the use of animal bones for fortune-telling. The culture quickly spread as far south as Guangzhou and Taiwan.
c. 1800 BC
Taboos against eating pork begin to appear among some peoples of the Near East, possibly because they are sheep herding peoples and the pig is the domesticated animal of their farmer enemies.
c. 1300 BC
The ownership of pigs and their disposition when not properly restrained is discussed in the Hittite “Code of Laws.” The Hittite Empire (1450 BC-1200 BC), originating in what is now modern Turkey, developed this code centered on the principles of restitution rather than vengeance and it is credited as a foundation for influencing much future legislation and administration of justice among Indo-European language peoples.
c. 1265 BC
On Mount Sinai, God, via Moses, forbids the Israelites to eat pork.

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