Pégot-Ogier, Jean-Bertrand

France, (1877-1915)

  • Jean-Bertrand Pégot-Ogier - Joueur de binioù
  • Joueur de binioù

  • [The bagpipe player]
  • (1913), pastel on paper
  • Private collection

  • Jean-Bertrand Pégot-Ogier - La préparation du cochon
  • La préparation du cochon

  • [The preparation of the pig]
  • (ndg.), oil on canvas
  • 12.6 x 15.8 in. (32 x 40 cm.)
  • Private collection

About the Artist:

Jean-Bertrand Pégot-Ogier (1877-1915), was a French painter, cartoonist, illustrator and cyclist. His painting is marked by impressionism and sometimes by synthetism according to his instructors – Henry Moret, Théophile Deyrolle and Alfred Guillou

Pégot-Ogier’s subject focus in most distinctly to “the Breton soul”. This Is apparent in his painted works as well as his cartoon and illustrations for publishers and newspapers.

Spending his time between Brittany and Paris, Pégot-Ogier was probably under represented in the exhibitions and salons, despite his talent. When WWI began, Pégot-Ogier became an artist in arms in the 266th Infantry Regiment when the Great War began. He died of shrapnel wounds after a battle in the Moulin-sous-Touvent region of northern France. [DES-02/16]

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