Paulet, Marguerite

France, (1900-1979)

  • Marguerite Paulet - Place Saint Michel, Quimperlé
  • Place Saint Michel, Quimperlé

  • (ca. 1923-1930), watercolor
  • 8.7 x 5.5 in. (22 x 14 cm.)
  • Private collection

  • Marguerite Paulet - Porcs
  • Porcs

  • [Pigs]
  • (ca. 1926-1930), watercolor with gouache
  • 8.7 x 11.8 in. (22 x 30 cm.)
  • Private collection
  • Editor’s Note:

    There is also a preliminary pencil sketch of the same sow with two hens at a trough. It was probably done at the family farm at Villeneuve (ca. 1926-1930).

    Marguerite Paulet - pencil sketch of a sow

  • Marguerite Paulet - Truie allaitant, Quimperlé
  • Truie allaitant, Quimperlé

  • [Lactating sow]
  • (ca. 1925-1930, watercolor with gouache
  • 8.7 x 11.8 in. (22 x 30 cm.)
  • Private collection

  • Marguerite Paulet - Gondolo stories
  • Gondolo stories

  • [modern book covers]
  • originals: (ca. 1920-1930), watercolor on notebook paper

  • Marguerite Paulet - Croquis au marché Quimperlé, hommes et cochons
  • Croquis au marché Quimperlé, hommes et cochons

  • [Sketch of Quimperlé market, men and pigs]
  • (ca. 1914-1920), pencil and watercolor
  • 5.2 x 7.9 in. (13 X 20 cm.)
  • Private collection

About the Artist:

Marguerite Paulet, France (1900-1979), also known as Marguerite Krebs-Paulet, was a painter in watercolor, gauche and oils, as well as an illustrator and author. Paulet was born in Quimper and her childhood and early artistic training was spent between summers in Brittany and winters in Paris where she trained in several Parisian schools where women were accepted to learn the fine arts.

Krebs-Paulet married Paul Edward Paulet, who founded a company that canned fish, Petit Navire. They lived for a while in Southern France and Provence, but especially in Brittany, where Paulet expanded her art of painting. A prolific artist, more than 500 of her works have been identified to date. She developed a personal technique that centered on watercolors, but often combined watercolor with gouache, drawing and oils.

Krebs-Paulet was also the author and illustrator of the superb books about the life and adventures of a naive little boy named Gondolo in Brittany of the 1920s. Her original story, made for her children, was written longhand in a notebook with watercolors painted on the opposite pages. She also created the visual brand symbol for the still well known “Petit Navire” sea food canning company. [DES-01/16]

Additional information:

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