Richard, Edouard

France, (1883-1955/6)

  • Edouard Richard - Jour de marché à Quimperlé
  • Jour de marché à Quimperlé

  • [Market day in Quimperlé]
  • (1937), oil on panel
  • 16.1 x 13 in. (41 x 33 cm.)
  • Private collection

About the Artist:

Edouard Richard (1883-1955/6), was a French Impressionist painter. He studied with Croisé and Degrave and attended the Salon des Indépendants. Richard became a member of the la salle de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts and the Temple de la Société des artistes Français. Richard is best known for his landscapes, waterfront scenes and flowers. [DES-01/16]

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