Roussin, Victor-Marie

France, (1812-1903)

  • Victor-Marie Roussin - Les noces de Corentin Le Guerveur et d'Anne-Marie Kerinvel
  • Les noces de Corentin Le Guerveur et d’Anne-Marie Kerinvel

  • [The Marriage of The Guerveur Corentin and Anne-Marie Kerinvel]
  • (1880), oil on panel
  • 19.7 x 9.5 in. (50 x 24 cm.)
  • Musée des Beaux-Arts, Quimper
  • Editor’s Note:

    Would anyone invite a pig to their wedding? Maybe there is a gluttonous relative who eats more than his share… Can’t find the pig? Look center right.

About the Artist:

Victor-Marie Roussin (1812-1903), was a French painter and lawyer. He was born in Quimper and lived most of his life there and on the banks of the Odet in Plomelin. Roussin was a student of Louis-Auguste Lapito, François-Edmée Ricois and Evariste Luminais.

Roussin’s subjects are almost all of Breton inspiration – landscapes, seascapes and scenes from everyday life rendered with great tenderness. He was also General Counsel of Finistère and a founder of the Archaeological Society of Finistère. [DES-11/15]

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