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Laa-Laa’s Pigtail

“Over the hills and far away, Teletubbies come to play…”

tails comparison for Laa-Laa's Pigtail

Ok, so like every other fan we just assumed the oddly cute appendages on top of all four of their little heads were some type of congenital coat-hanger antennas, intended to receive the signals that feed appropriate images to the TV screens on their tummies.

Laa-Laa's Pigtail

However, when our staff – ever mindful of the impact of pigs in popular culture – took a closer look at Laa-Laa, we began to suspect more was involved, as the comparison image of a line up of tails (Fig. 1) demonstrates.

The Teletubbies seem to be more than your average playfully self-sufficient, technological babies with a soft, cuddly demeanors and TV screens on their tummies. They might well offer us a deeper view into the human consciousness. A view that is belied by the show’s attempt to link them to the our world through their overtly comic and endearing nature.

While most parents of 1 to 4 year-olds will read this, laugh nervously and change the subject, our dedicated staff will continue to investigate… And we will swell up with pride as well, when our own youngsters naturally gravitate to the yellow Laa-Laa (Fig. 2), and the dramatic resemblance of the top of her head to a pig’s butt.

Editor’s Note:

For those of you interested, the IDs on the line up of tails (Fig. 1) above is:

  • ROW1 — University of Arkansas Razorback, Norwegian Landrace, Saddleback
  • ROW2 — Middle White, Italian Landrace
  • ROW3 — Hereford, Laa-Laa, Danish Landrace
  • ROW4 — Oxford Sandy and Black, 19 Century Woodcut, Swedish Landrace

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