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Belated Blue Beanie Day

I missed the opportunity to officially add my picture to the Second Annual Blue Beanie Day events on November 28, 2008. Blue Beanie Day is the idea of Doug Vos. He created the Designing With Web Standards group on Facebook and invented Blue Beanie Day in 2007. By wearing a blue beanie on that day you are showing your support for web standards and accessibility and acknowledging the work and influence of Jeffrey Zeldman towards this end.

blue beanie 2009

I am a definite believer in the web standards doctrine, but last November I was hesitant to claim an association with a group I respected given the disheveled state of Porkopolis.org then. The new Porkopolis.org site design, v5.0, had been on line about two months by November of 2008, but it still had a few obvious coding difficulties that I was struggling with, and the planned blog section was only impressive on the pages of my Moleskin.

Yesterday was National Pig Day. Porkopolis.org’s coding difficulties have been [fingers crossed] corrected. The Porkopolis blog is now free foraging and open for examination and comments. So I have placed my Blue Beanie Day image here, and await Blue Beanie Day #3 in November 2009.

Best of all, my family and my friends of long standing continue to keep me around. They do this even when any number of my actions like obsessive Black Pig Dyke hunting and utterances akin to “ham is not a toy” repeatedly give them cause to think that it is time I be placed under the psychoanalytic pig wing of the nearest mental institution.

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