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Styfall – dropped GoPro camera snuffled by pig

In February of 2014, Mia Munselle posted a video to YouTube with the post description: “Camera falls from a skydiving aeroplane and lands on my property in my pig pen. I found the camera 8 months later and viewed this video.”

Munselle’s pig pen is part of her family’s 15-acre ranch in Cloverdale, California near the Cloverdale Municipal Airport where the skydiving plane took off from.

After recording its dizzying descent, the GoPro camera survived the landing in the middle of Munselle’s pig pen with the lens pointing upward. Then one of the pig inhabitants investigated its palatability as some possible sort of manna from heaven.

The GoPro has captured it all: the plane interior as the jumpers prepare, the bump than made the camera fall, lots of high-speed flying acrobatics, the improbable landing, and great footage of the interior of a pig’s mouth.

And so, once again lay folks intent on other matters provide an elegant proof of the law of gravity, and that proof as well, that pigs are curious and hungry creatures. Sorry, pigs, GoPro cameras are not edible.

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