Bolswert, Boetius Adams

Flemish, (1580-1633)

  • Boetius Adams Bolswert - Sanctus Antoninus
  • Sanctus Antoninus

  • (c. 1610-1612), engraving
  • 5.83 x 3.7 in. (14.8 x 9.3 cm.) [image]
  • Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
  • Editor’s Note:

    The engraving above is from plate no.4 in the first series in the book, Sylva Anachoretica Aegypti et Palaestinae (Antwerp: Hendrik Aerts, 1619).

    It is most probably a copy of the oil painting, Temptation of Saint Anthony (c. 1570’s), by the Italian painter Lelio Orsi.

    Here is a close up of the pig:

    close up

About the Artist

Boetius Adams Bolswert, Flemish, (1580-1633). Boetius Bolswert (Bolswerth) was a Netherlandish artist and engraver. He was born in Bolsward, and was active in Haarlem, Amsterdam and Brussels, then in Antwerp after 1620.

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