Paderni, Camillo

Italy, (1720-1770)

  • Camillo Paderni - Circe and Ulysses
  • Circe and Ulysses

  • (1741), oil on canvas
  • 42.5 x 37.6 in.(108 x 95.5 cm.)
  • Private collection

About the Artist

Camillo Paderni (1720-1770) was a little-known Italian painter, sculptor and chief restorer in the court of Charles III (1716-1788).

He is known to have been a student of Francesco Fernandi (1679–1740), an Italian painter of the late-Baroque or Rococo period. Paderni was also nominated by Charles III as conservator at the Portici Museum (ca. 1758) where the antiquities from the excavations at Herculaneum and Pompei were being collected and cataloged for the royal collection. [DES-01/11]

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