Beauverie, Charles

France, (1839-1923)

  • Charles Beauverie - La foire aux cochons à Poncins
  • La foire aux cochons à Poncins

  • [The pig fair at Poncins]
  • (1895), oil on canvas
  • Le musée d’art Roger-Quilliot

About the Artist:

Charles Joseph Beauverie (1839-1923) was a French painter, engraver and illustrator of the Barbizon School. Beauverie was a very talented landscape painter and also illustrated peasant labor, with rural themes such as harvesting, working the land and managing animals.

Over his career, Beauverie had several communities that he prefered as centers of his work. These would include various series of etchings and paintings of landscapes, rural peoples, villages and cottages in Pontoise in Auvers-sur-Oise, Drill, Brittany, Fontainebleau, the valley of Chevreuse and the Forez plain and ponds around Poncins. [DES-02/16]

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