Chief Associate of the Bedford Master

France, (fl. 1430-1465)

  • Chief Associate of the Bedford Master - Sow in a hat
  • Sow in a hat

  • marginalia illustration for MS Richardson 31
  • (ca. 1460), vellum with colors and gold
  • Houghton Library, Harvard

About the Artist

This Illumination is attributed to a follower of the Bedford Master (fl. 1415-1430) known as the Chief Associate of the Bedford Master who was employed by the Paris workshop of the manuscript illuminator now know as the Bedford Master.

The Bedford Master was named for his work in two manuscripts commissioned by John of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Bedford, while the duke served as regent for Henry VI of England between 1422 and 1435. One of these is the Bedford Hours, a Book of Hours, in the British Library.

The Chief Associate of the Bedford Master (fl. 1430-1465) was a French manuscript illuminator named for his association with the Bedford Master, in whose workshop he seems to have served; scholars consider him to be the most talented of the Bedford Master’s assistants.

MS Richardson 31 is a French copy of the Decamerone of Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375). It was originally written and illuminated in France for Etienne Chevalier (d. 1474), treasurer of France under Charles VII and Louis XI. [DES-05/11]

Additional Information:

Thanks to Carl S. Pyrdum, III of Got Medieval for the tip on this work and on another bit of hatted pig marginalia in the [link id=’5903′ text=’Harley Froissart’] as well.

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