Brangwyn, Frank

British, (1867-1956)

  • Frank Brangwyn - Old Houses, St. Cirq.
  • Old Houses, St. Cirq.

  • (19th – 20th Cent.), etching and drypoint
  • 14.5 x 11.1 in. (36.9 x 28 cm.)
  • Fine Art Museums of San Francisco
  • Editor’s Note:

    Here is a close up of one of the pigs being butchered:

    close up

About the Artist

Frank Brangwyn, British, (1867-1956). Frank Brangwyn was born in Bruges, Belgium to British parents, but was brought up and educated in England where his father worked as a designer of buildings, embroideries and furniture.

Brangwyn was an independent artist, an experimenter and innovator, capable of working on both large and small scale projects, ranging from murals, oil paintings, watercolours, etchings, woodcuts and lithographs to designs for architecture, interiors, stained glass, furniture, carpets, ceramics and jewelry as well as book illustrations, bookplates and commercial posters.

It is estimated that he produced over 12,000 works during his lifetime. Elected RA in 1919, knighted in 1924, Brangwyn regarded art as an occupation and described himself as a designer.

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