Russell, George William (Æ or A.E.)

Ireland, (1867-1935)

  • George William Russell (Æ or A.E.) - Caricature of Y.B. Yeats and the Black Pig
  • Caricature of Y.B. Yeats and the Black Pig

  • (1898), pen and ink
  • Robert W. Woodruff Library for Advanced Studies, Emory University
  • Editor’s Note:

    This drawing is part of a letter Russell wrote to Isabella Augusta, Lady Gregory, a mutual friend of Yeats and himself. For additional background on this work read Russell, Gregory, Yeats and the Black Pig.

About the Artist

George William Russell (1867-1935), Irish poet, essayist, journalist, dramatist, novelist and painter. Russell wrote under the pseudonyms Y.O., O.L.S., and Gad; but he was most well known as A.E. or Æ.

He is often remembered as a poet and as one of those true mystics who have sought by practical endeavours to bring some touch of the spiritual perfection they beheld into the life of this world.

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A key figure in the Irish Literary Revival and a well respected member of the Irish Renascence, Russell was also a Nationalist leader, mystic, economist, a leader in the movement for cooperation among Irish farmers and editor of The Irish Statesman from 1923 to 1930. [DES-3/10]

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