Battista, Giovanni

Italy, (c. 1459-1517/18)

  • Giovanni Battista - Three Saints: Roch, Anthony Abbot, and Lucy
  • Three Saints: Roch, Anthony Abbot, and Lucy

  • (c. 1513), oil on canvas, transferred from wood
  • 50 1/2 x 48 in. (128.3 x 121.9 cm.)
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
  • Editor’s Note:

    This work has been one of the more elusive images we hoped to display in the gallery. This is a fine example of how ultraviolet or x-ray analysis could afford us a better view of just what is going on in this image. Unfortunately, we do not have that…

    St. Anthony’s pig rather difficult to see. It really is there, on the Saint’s right, peeking out from behind the pedestal. Below is a close up of the little pig with some adjustments to the contrast of the image to help you see it better

    Three Saints' pig

About the Artist

Giovanni Battista, Italy, (c. 1459-1517/18). Giovanni Battista (aka: Cima da Conegliano) painted mostly quiet devotional scenes, often in landscape settings. His pictures feature a refined sense of surface detail, statuesque figures, and a calm, meditative mood.

Battista was one of the first to assign to the landscape a definite place in modern painting, and to formulate the laws of atmosphere and of the distribution of light and shade.

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