Tocchini, Greg

Brazil, (b. 1979)

  • Greg Tocchini - Cover Art: Circe and Pigs
  • Cover Art: Circe and Pigs

  • from: from: Marvel Illustrated: The Odyssey #4
    by Marvel Comics. Writer Roy Thomas, pencil and inker Greg Tocchini (2008).
Editor’s Note:

Her is a copy of a page from this comic where Circe begins her transformation of Odysseus’ men.

Greg Tocchini - Cover Art: Circe and Pigs

Some clarifications, also… The original mythological Circe has yet to be seen in the Marvel or DC Universe. That Circe should not to be confused with several similar comic characters.

In Marvel Comics, she is similar to the Eternal Sersi (The Eternals #3, September, 1976), a Marvel Comics super heroine, ally of the Avengers and member of the Eternal race.

In DC Comics, she is represented by Circe/Medea, a sorceress, foe of Wonder Woman in the historical (Wonder Woman vol. I, #305, Sep/Oct 1949) and the modern versions on that comic (Wonder Woman vol.2 #18, July 1988).

About the Artist:

Gregorio Evandro Tocchini, Brazil (b. 1979), is an illustrator and comics penciler, inker and colorist. He began his career in 1995 doing illustrations and short-stories for RPG magazine in Dragão Brasil, a special edition for a Trama Editorial, called Dragonesa as well as a graphic novel Fábrica de Quadrinhos vol. 01, published by Devir.

Tocchini also has also producing advertising artwork and architectural illustrations and worked as a professor and school coordinator at Escola de Artes Fábrica de Quadrinhos (Comics Factory School of Arts) and Quanta Academia de Artes (Quanta-Academy of Arts).

In the United States he has worked for Crossgen Comics, Marvel and DC Comics. He is the artist for the mini-series The Last Days of American Crime written by Rick Remender, for Radical Comics. [DES-11/14]

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