Courbet, Gustave

France, (1819-1877)

  • Gustave Courbet - The Little Swine-Maiden
  • The Little Swine-Maiden

  • (c. 1849), oil on canvas
  • 59.5 x 51.6 in. (151 x 131 cm.)
  • E.G. Buhrle Foundation Collection, Zurich

  • Gustave Courbet - The Peasants of Flagey Returning from the Fair, Ornans
  • The Peasants of Flagey Returning from the Fair, Ornans

  • (cc. 850 – 55), oil on canvas
  • 101.2 x 80.7 in. (257 x 205 cm.)
  • Musée des Beaux-Arts, Besançon

About the Artist

Gustave Courbet, French, (1819-1877). Courbet started and dominated the mid-19th-century French movement toward realism. Realism is an approach to art in which subjects are depicted in as straightforward a manner as possible, without idealizing them and without following rules of formal artistic theory.

Prior to the beginning of this movement, art critics and the public were accustomed to a more romantic style of painting that made life look better than it was. Courbet, against much opposition, truthfully portrayed ordinary places, people and nature.

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