Wechtlin, Hans

Germany, (c.1480-1526)

  • Hans Wechtlin - Saint Anthony with a leper
  • Saint Anthony with a leper

  • (c. 1517), woodcut
  • U.S.National Library of Medicine
    from: A Fieldbook of Wound Surgery by Hans Von Gersdorff (1517)
  • Editor’s Note:

    In this woodcut St. Anthony stands reading from a book as a young man, possibly a leper, with a crutch and a pegged leg support, is appealing to him for aid.

    Note the Saint’s staff, topped with a tau cross and bells. St. Anthony’s pig peers out from behind his robes. Note, also, the bell attached to the pigs ear.

About the Artist

Hans Wechtlin, German, (c.1480-1526). Wechtlin was a German woodcut designer. Very little documentary evidence about him exists.

The numerous woodcuts used to illustrate A Fieldbook of Wound Surgery [Feldtbuch der Wundtartzney] (1517; Strassburg: J. Schott) by Hans Von Gersdorff have been attributed to Hans Wechtlin.

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