Cotton, John Wesley

Canada, (1868-1932)

  • John Wesley Cotton - Truffle Hunters
  • Truffle Hunters

  • (20th century), aquatint in color
  • 7.4 x 10.3 in. (18.7 x 26.1 cm.)
  • California State Library

About the Artist

John Wesley Cotton, Canadian, (1868-1932). John Cotton was a painter and etcher born in Toronto, Canada. He attended the Chicago Art Institute and studied art in London in 1911 with E. Marsdon Wilson.

Cotton traveled throughout Europe during World War I and lived in Belgium and France. During the 1920’s he lived in California and exhibited in the first nine annual shows of the California Watercolor Society.


  1. I recently acquired a water colour by John Cotton entitled Grand Teton Mountains. It appears to be in the original frame and on the back is his signature and the title in ink on brown paper, It is app. 14 cm. by 11.5 cm I am interested in anything you might tell me about it and am also considering selling it.


    1. Hi Jacob.
      Thanks for visiting Porkopolis! I checked my notes on John Wesley Cotton, and I don’t seem to have kept much in my files. I try to investigate only enough to create a short bio that will confirm an artist’s identity and give some basic info others to search on in detail.
      Here are some things from my notes and a few common resources that I often use:
      1) Links:
      Christies, Sothebys and Bonhams – all auction houses – have web sites where I often find information
      The Canadian Art Sales Index, as he was Canadian
      Sites like AskArt are pay-for-info sites. Your call as to if the cost to join is worth the info you _might_ get. I don’t use them for my research.
      Canada has many other art related resources you might be able to find online – and if you do offer the work for sale be sure to include Canada/Canadians in your offering base.
      Root, on, Jacob! Best of luck,
      Dan at Porkopolis


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