Bower, Lucy Scott

American, (1864-1934)

  • Lucy Scott Bower - Pig Market, Dinan
  • Pig Market, Dinan

  • (1928), oil on canvas
  • 21.5 x 26.5 in. (54.6 x 67.3 cm.)
  • Private collection
  • Editor’s Note:

    The beigh and red stone building in the upper left corner of this painting is part of the Tower of Coëtquen of the Castle of Dinan in Dinan, France. The artist Yvonne Jean-Haffen has drawn the Coëtquen tower from a similar street angle in her “Tout de Coëtquen.”

    Also, here is a postcard photo of the same scene slightly later in time – notice the trees absent in both earlier works.

  • Lucy Scott Bower - French scene
  • French scene

  • (ndg.), oil on canvas board
  • 24.8 x 29.8 in. (63 x 75.7 cm.)
  • University of Iowa Museum of Art

  • Lucy Scott Bower - Villagers gathering
  • Villagers gathering

  • (ndg.), oil on canvas;
  • 40 x 30 inches (101.6 x 76.2 cm.)
  • Private collection
  • Editor’s Note:

    If there is any doubt about the contents on the wooden crate depicted above, I submit this photograph:

    Lucy Scott Bower - Villagers gathering

About the Artist

Lucy Scott Bower, United States, (1867-1934)

Editor’s Note:

I have not been able to find much information on Lucy Scott Bower. If you have information that you would care to contribute, please contact me.

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