Serusier, Paul

France, (1863-1927)

  • Paul Serusier - Les porcelets
  • Les porcelets

  • [Piglets]
  • (1889), oil on canvas
  • 21.3 x 14.6 in. (54 x 37 cm.)
  • Musèe de Pont-Aven

  • Paul Serusier -Bretonne donnant à manger aux cochons
  • Bretonne donnant à manger aux cochons

  • [Brenton feeding pigs in a manger]
  • (1889), oil on canvas
  • Musèe Maurice Denis

  • Paul Serusier - Breton dance
  • Danse bretonne

  • [Breton dance]
  • (1890), oil on panel
  • 33.3 x 8.7 in. (84.5 x 20.5 cm.)
  • Private Collection

About the Artist

Paul Serusier, French, (1863-1927), was perhaps more of a Post-Impressionist and Nabis theorist than a painter. Originally a student of philosophy, Serusier decided to become an painter and painted with Paul Gauguin in Brittany. In depicting the peasants of Brittany, Serusier achieved a muted, contemplative mood by using firm contours and blocks of un-modulated colour.

In later life Serusier became deeply influenced by the school of religious art at the Benedictine abbey of Beuron in Germany and by concepts of religious symbolism and sacred proportions. He became known as a mystic and his work as a theorist is regarded as more important than his paintings. [DES-4/07]

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