Coe, Sue

British, (b. 1951)

  • Sue Coe - Wheel of Fortune, Today's Pig is Tomorrow's Bacon
  • Wheel of Fortune,
    Today’s Pig is Tomorrow’s Bacon

  • (1989), mixed media [watercolor, gouache, collage, graphite, acrylic and Rembrandt black printer’s ink on white Bristol Strathmore paper] on paper

  • Sue Coe - Porkopolis: Animals and Industry
  • Porkopolis: Animals and Industry

  • (1989), pamphlet cover

  • Sue Coe - Standing Pig
  • Standing Pig

  • (1993), one color lithograph from aluminum plate
  • 22 x 30 in. (55.9 x 76.2 cm.)
  • Editor’s Note:

    Sue Coe’s commentary on political events and social injustice has been published in newspapers, magazines and books. The results of her investigations are also hung in museum and gallery exhibitions, and are an essential part of personal fine print collections by artists and activists alike.

    Coe paintings and prints are auctioned as fund raisers for a variety of progressive causes including the benefit of Farm Sanctuary. Graphic Witness is Coe’s presonal web site.

About the Artist

Sue Coe, British, (b. 1951). Sue Coe was born in Tamworth England and is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, London. She is a keen observer, a ‘graphic witness’ to realities more often overlooked or avoided. She is a journalist who uses printed images in preference to words.

For a quarter century her images have called attention to events and situations where abuses of power occur, such as sexual violence and political repression, factory farming, meat packing, apartheid, sweat shops, prisons, AIDS, and most recently, war. [DES-7/07]

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