Hay Machine (e)

Ireland, (fl. 2001-present)

Great Grandfather’s Pig

  1. The Macdermots of Ballycloran (1843-1847)
  3. Anthony Trollope wrote in heart-beating detail
  4. the story of heroic Ireland’s last stand
  5. west of the Shannon
  6. up around Drumsna and Mohill
  7. where the natives sank so low in depravation
  8. the pigs were more thought-of than the peasants were
  9. anchored to life itself by the pig
  10. vessel of all hope
  11. banker
  13. The rint could not be paid
  14. but the pig was collateral
  15. if the crathure died you could seize the pig
  16. if the pig died that was that
  18. Low landlord talk then with agent
  19. loyal for now
  20. were you up at the fair yesterday
  21. I was for all the good
  22. was himself there
  23. he was
  24. did he sell
  25. he didn’t then
  27. My Great Grandfather had a pig
  28. in Castleknock
  29. and in the 1950’s
  30. the pigman still called once a week for slops
  31. I don’t know how my forefathers and foremothers
  32. survived the famine
  33. I only heard about the pig in the family
  34. yesterday
  35. and about County Leitrim
  36. as though it was yesterday
  37. and it’s far from pigs you and I were raised
  38. or was it

© Hay Machine (e)
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Editor’s Note:

The Macdermots of Ballycloran, 1847, was the first novel by British author, Anthony Trollope (1815-1882).

About the Poet

Hay Machine (e) (fl. 2001-present) pseudonym of an e-poet from Dublin, Ireland. His teenage son also has a soft spot for the pig.

Hay Machine (e) has also contributed to the Porkopolis Reading Room. Be sure to read his essay on [link id=’4389′]. [DES-12/09]

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