Durrell, Lawrence

Britian, (1912-1990)

You’re Bringing Out the Swine in Me

  1. (Ulysses)
  2. You’re bringing out the swine in me
  3. By giving too much wine to me
  4. Though all your promises sound fine to me
  6. But Circe, I simply gotta go.
  8. (Circe)
  9. O won’t you stay and dine with me
  10. O honey stay in line with me
  11. Let’s drink our nectar in close harmony
  13. Don’t ever let me go.
  15. (Ulysses)
  16. You’re bringing out the swine in me
  17. And though you seem divine baby
  18. And all alone and fancy free
  20. Circe, I simply gotta go.
  22. (Circe)
  23. What’s eatin’ of you, hairy man?
  24. Come on take your pleasure while you can
  25. Come on and act the gentleman
  27. Honey, don’t ever let me go.
  29. (Ulysses)
  30. I must admit you pack a punch
  31. Your kisses baby, are the crunch
  32. It’s clear we won’t get up for lunch
  34. Circe, I simply can’t say no.

© Lawrence Durrell. Ulysses come back: outline-sketch of a musical based upon the last three love-affairs of Ulysses the Greek adventurer. London: Turret Books, (1970).

About the Poet

Lawrence Durrell (1912-1990) was a novelist, poet, translator, travel writer, and dramatist. Born in India to British parents, Durrell lived in and celebrated the Mediterranean world. He is best known for the novels that comprise The Alexandria Quartet. [DES-11/10]

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