Nash, Ogden

United States, (1902-1971)

The Pig

  1. The Pig, if I am not mistaken,
  2. Gives us ham and pork and Bacon.
  3. Let others think his heart is big,
  4. I think it stupid of the Pig.

Sigmund Freud

  1. Who’s afreud of the big bad dream?
  2. Things are never what they seem;
  3. Daddy’s bowler, Auntie’s thimbles,
  4. Actually are shocking symbols.
  5. Still, I think, a pig’s a pig –
  6. Ah, there, symbol-minded Sig!

Ogden Nash. The Primrose Path. New York: Simon and Schuster, (1935).

About the Poet

Ogden (Frederic) Nash (1902-1971), US poet. He wrote witty poetic comments on social and domestic life; and was renowned for his sophisticated light verse, comprising puns, epigrams, highly asymmetrical lines, elaborate rhymes, and other verbal eccentricities.

He contributed to the New Yorker magazine and his verse appeared in many collections from 1931 onwards. [DES-6/03]

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