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Porciphone by Max Vandervorst

Max Vandervorst created the Porciphone. This musical instrument utilizes a set of tuned PVC tubes (similar to the Blue Man Group). But instead of slapping the top of each tube with a flat rubber clapper, Vandervorst squeezes two rubber squeaky pigs (dog toys) to grunt into them. The pig grunts provide a standardized sound and the various pipe lengths changes the resonance – essentially tuning of the pigs!

About the inventor/composer:

Max Vandervorst is a Belgian musician, composer and inventor of musical instruments. Since 1988, he has put together a number of performances, showcasing instruments he created using a wide variety of objects as raw material : “Symphony for Abandoned Objects”, “Concerto for Two Bicycles”, “The Man from Spa”, “The paper orchestra”, have all been performed numerous times in many different countries.

He is also a prolific composer of stage music and the designer of the “Maison de la Pataphonie” in Dinant (Belgium). He has written several reference books dealing with “Unbridled Instruments”, which inspired numerous artistic projects in Europe and elsewhere. He frequently intervenes as an instructor at the CFMI (French university) and leads international workshops (Torino, Montreux, Barcelona, Paris)….

Editor’s Note:

I want to thank The King of the Cigar Box Guitar, Shane Speal, for bringing the Porciphone to my attention.

Additional information:

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