Stodart-Walker, Archibald

Britain, (1869-1934)

Early Bacon

  1. EARLY bacon, early bacon!
  2. Oh, the pleasant sight to see,
  3. Sires come down for early bacon,
  4. With an egg and pot of tea.
  6. Early bacon, early bacon!
  7. Oh, the happy hours I fed,
  8. Deep in joy on early bacon,
  9. Coming from a comfy bed.
  11. Early bacon, early bacon!
  12. That’s the breakfast dish for me,
  13. All alone with early bacon
  14. With the paper on my knee!

© estate of Archibald Stodart-Walker
Moxford Book of English Verse, 1913; re-printed in: A Century of Humorous Verse 1850-1950, London: Dent, 1959.

Editor’s Note:

This is a humorous takeoff on Charles Kingsley’s (1819-1875) poetic ballad ‘Airly Beacon’ written in 1858:

Airly Beacon

  1. AIRLY Beacon, Airly Beacon;
  2. O the pleasant sight to see
  3. Shires and towns from Airly Beacon,
  4. While my love climb’d up to me!
  6. Airly Beacon, Airly Beacon;
  7. O the happy hours we lay
  8. Deep in fern on Airly Beacon,
  9. Courting through the summer’s day!
  11. Airly Beacon, Airly Beacon;
  12. O the weary haunt for me,
  13. All alone on Airly Beacon,
  14. With his baby on my knee!

About the Poet

Archibald Stodart-Walker (1869-1934), English critic and writer. [DES-6/03]

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