Dodds, Benjamin

Australia, (contemporary)


  1. There’s a pig in the grass
  2. and bro-ken bricks
  3. and caked pads of saw-dust
  4. piled up behind the gun club’s rifle range.
  5. It’s only slightly buried beneath it all.
  7. The punk-rock hair-cut of sub-ver-sive green
  8. is health-ier than any lawn in town,
  9. and the white smil-ing teeth,
  10. top set only–the lower ones lie in soil,
  11. could sell Col-gate on TV.
  13. After its rest, it will stand
  14. and shake the turf
  15. and build-ing rub-ble
  16. from its lightly downed back
  17. and prance down the mound
  18. on pretty, pointed trotters
  20. or so I tell my nephew
  21. who reaches to prod
  22. the bal-loon of belly
  23. with a bent, spent weld-ing rod.

 Benjamin Dodds. Mascara Literary Review, [] web page entry on January 1, 2011.

About the Poet:

Benjamin Dodds, Australia, (contemporary), is a poet and reviewer. Dodds has published one book of poetry, Regulator (2014), and had had works included in Best Australian Poems 2014, Antipodes: Poetic Responses and Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry.

Dodds also collects Mickey Mouse watches and his current project is a verse novel exploring the ethical and personal boundaries of scientific research. [DES-11/17]

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