Wombacher, Bob Jr.

United States, (b. 1927)


  1. My ex has found a guy, quite newly,
  2. As “perfect” as a man can be,
  3. A vast improvement on yours truly,
  4. And here is what he thinks of me:
  5. “My predecessor, you are clearly
  6. Quite unfit to sup with swine.
  7. If truth be told you are not nearly
  8. Good enough with pigs to dine!”
  9. ‘Twas then my ex plunged into battle,
  10. Thus, it seemed, to take MY side:
  11. “To mingle with those porcine cattle,
  12. I’d say he’s MORE than qualified!”

© Bob Wombacher, Jr.. from: Rhyme Tyme. at Paul Molyneux’s Laughter Loaf website.

About the Poet:

Bob Wombacher, Jr. (b. 1927) is a U.S. humor poet. He is originally from Proctor, Minnesota and has lived in Page, Arizona for nearly a quarter of a century.

A divorced father of three grown sons, Wombacher owns a small motel, Bashful Bob’s Motel, near Lake Powell, in Page, AZ. He is a prolific poet and much of his work can be found online with a Google search of “Bob Wombacher, Jr.” [DES-07/12]

Additional information:

  • Bashful Bob’s’ Motel | http://www.bashfulbobsmotel.com/
    750 South Navajo Drive; P.O. Box 2990; Page, AZ 86040 / 928-645-3919

    Bashful Bob’s Motel is an inexpensive and longtime reliable indie choice. The original building was constructed to house Glen Canyon Dam builders. All 13 rooms are more like apartments, with full kitchens. Nice and cozy.

  • Many of Bob Wombacher, Jr’s poems are available at Paul Molyneux’s Laughter Loaf website.

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