Ghigna, Charles

United States, (b. 1946)


  1. Pigs are playful
  2. Pigs are pink
  3. Pigs are smarter
  4. than you think.
  5. Pigs are slippery
  6. Pigs are stout
  7. Pigs have noses
  8. Called a snout.
  9. Pigs are pudgy
  10. Pigs are plump
  11. Pigs can run
  12. But never jump.
  13. Pigs are loyal
  14. Pigs are true
  15. Pigs don’t care for
  16. Barbecue.

© Charles Ghigna.
Used with permission of the Herman Agency. This poem first appeared in Ranger Rick Magazine (Jan. 1993), a nature magazine for kids, published by the National Wildlife Federation.

The Pigs Played Football

  1. The pigs played football
  2. And ate barbecue
  3. Until they were told,
  4. “They’re made out of you!”

© Charles Ghigna.
Used with permission of the Herman Agency.

About the Poet

Charles Ghigna (b. 1946), (aka: Father Goose) is a U.S. poet, children’s author, and nationally syndicated feature writer who helps promote the love of children’s literature by speaking at schools, colleges, conferences, and libraries.

Ghigna has a B.A. degree in English in 1967 and a M.Ed. degree in 1969, both from Florida Atlantic University. He was poet-in-residence at the Alabama School of Fine Arts in Birmingham from 1974 to 1993. Read more at: and [DES-1/07]

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