King, Graeme

Australia, (contemporary)


  1. Three brothers, each who built a little house
  2. to live in – one of straw and one of sticks,
  3. the third one was a pig who had some nous,
  4. he wore the cost and built his out of bricks.
  6. The big bad wolf was huffing, puffing mad
  7. and wanted pork – the house of straw was locked,
  8. he blew it down, the pig was very sad
  9. and ran and told his brother, who was shocked.
  11. The house of sticks was soon but firewood,
  12. with three pigs in the brick house undermanned,
  13. the big bad wolf had trashed the neighborhood
  14. but, by their hairy chins, they’d make a stand!
  16. And then the wolf inhaled a giant breath
  17. but had a heart attack – a fitting death.

Originally published at Graeme King’s personal web site,, which closed in June of 2016. See the site on the Internet Archive here.

About the Poet:

Graeme King, Australia, (contemporary) is a poet and pantologist. He started writing rhyming poetry when he was about ten and attended Ivanhoe Grammar School in Melbourne, Victoria on a full scholarship.

Apart from poetry, King has also written a full length musical comedy. He spent six years working in Papua New Guinea, which gave him the opportunity to visit the USA, Indonesia and Asia.

Having now retired from work, King lives in outback Queensland. He has been writing constantly. His publications include Mood Swings, Across the Long Bridge (2005), The Blind Man’s Rainbow (2006), Rhyme and Reason (2006). His works also have appeared in various literary journals and publications. [DES-03/18]

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