Buck, Janet

United States, (contemporary)

The Three Big Pigs

  1. With money’s vain and silly reach,
  2. they bought a brand new Suburban,
  3. parked it neatly in an urban nest,
  4. killed the weeds, barked the lawn, and went
  5. shopping for emus and pot-belly pigs.
  6. “They’re trainable and couth
  7. expressions of bourgeoisie,”
  8. said bibles of their country club.
  9. Now, Mother Nature intervened.
  10. You pack three unschooled pigs
  11. in the back seat, stop for lunch to
  12. fill up the hump, pat their heads,
  13. and lock the car — then you learn.
  14. As a common crow does in the middle
  15. of an eagle’s hungry path.
  16. Swoop, swat, gulp — nothing but feathers left
  17. in a pillowcase of threadbare clouds.
  19. Idiot number one put pig number one
  20. on a leash and thought it would hold —
  21. rather the same as tying down
  22. a cyclone with a rope of pearls.
  23. The pigs weren’t grown, but they knew their mud
  24. and obedience class was a children’s book
  25. with milkshake madness in its lap.
  26. While the second pig slept,
  27. the third was dreaming up his exit plan —
  28. a freedom burst through a nose of glass
  29. the way all beasts return to their feral states.
  30. With dignity and a humongous mess.
  31. Slivers were stupid evidence
  32. of carnal’s smugness at its finest
  33. meeting fateful’s thorny throne.
  34. Like Ahab in the mouths of whales,
  35. their wallets weren’t prepared
  36. for the manner in which oink oink wins.
  37. Garnering these “inside pets”
  38. was like fishing for trout and
  39. hooking the jaws of Moby Dick.
  40. It makes a funnier poem
  41. since it wasn’t our car.

© Janet Buck, used with permission.
first published in The Horsethief’s Journal.

About the Poet

Janet Buck, Ph.D., US poet is a six-time Pushcart Nominee and the author of four collections of poetry. Her work has recently appeared in Zuzu’s Petals Quarterly, Poetrybay, The Montserrat Review, Atomic Petals, Verse Libre Quarterly, Coelacanth, The Oklahoma Review, Southern Ocean Review, Moondance, Liberty Hill, The Rose & Thorn, Junket, New Works Review and Recursive Angel.

Recent awards include first place in Kimera’s Poetry Contest 2001, Sol Magazine’s 2001 Poem of the Year, and the 2001 and 2002 Kota Press Anthology Prize. [DES-1/06]

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