Alexander, Ken

New Zealand, (c. 1890-1953)

Pig-skin Patriotism

  1. For patriotism is pride and pride, like ivy and adenoids, cannot prosper without something upon which to fasten. Thus it is that, within the mild oleaginous skin of Farmer Filigree’s superlative porker, there reposes the fierce patriotism of a sturdy son of the soil. Unwitting of the torch of one man’s faith and pride she bears this unconscious porcine patriot exhibiting her unblemished bodywork at agricultural shows–a champion and–yea!–the champion of one man’s personal patriotism.

 Ken Alexander.  “Football Facts And Fancies”, from The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 5, August 2, 1937. (Illustrated by the author.)

About the Poet:

Kenneth Alfred Evelyn Alexander, New Zealand (c. 1890-1953), was a writer and illustrator. His work appeared in various N.Z. publications including Point Blank, the official publication of the N.Z. Farmers’ Union, Aussie and The New Zealand Artists’ Annual. Alexander is perhaps best known for his regular contributions to The New Zealand Railways Magazine from 1928 through its last issue in June of1940. He wrote humorous segments on a wide range of subjects, all illustrated with his own drawings.

The New Zealand Railways Magazine was published monthly from May of 1926 until June of 1940. Based on British and American railway company magazines, it was originally intended as a journal for the Railways Department’s 18,000 staff and their major customers. Alongside railway news and technical articles from New Zealand and overseas, the magazine promoted domestic tourism through travel stories, photo spreads, advertisements and accommodation listings. It soon expanded to include New Zealand verse, short fiction, humor, sports news, historical yarns, biographical sketches and book reviews and became a general-interest monthly for all New Zealanders. [DES-08/15]

Additional information:

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