Jagger, Philip

Canada, (contemporary)

Pigshoe Diaries

You are wondering where your pigs are I have them in my basement tied up rubber duck taped and scared. In my need for good award winning poetry I am having them write for their lives this is there diary.
    Signed The UBER FISH

Day One

Pork a chop lips now

  1. Look across
  2. The still black waters
  3. Of first day
  4. Stretching across the horizon
  5. Off gravity
  6. The geese take flight
  7. And fall back afraid to go south
  8. The sound they make the moment
  9. Of breath you know the seasons change at the sound
  10. Is gasssssssssp
  11. As they are sucked into the black violent oooze of the lake
  12. The sign reads in proper provincal parkenese
  13. Welcome to swan lake
  14. Welcome to the land according to klein
  15. And the line up of the tory blue ss
  16. Blue in the face cause there afraid to breathe
  17. Release emissions that might get them fired
  18. Ralphy the common man kyoto he can never pronounce quioxite due to the fact is foreign and spanish
  19. Raises his lance against the iron dragon chretien and misses
  20. Going the wrong way and ends up spearing a giant who thinks he is a windmill
  21. What is pig poetry
  22. It is poetry that dares to breathe the lines against the regime of king klein
  23. And his merry band who smokes coal and rolls out the barrel of oil monkeys
  24. And does not think there is a problem
  25. Once there was buffalo poetry
  26. I asked my friend if he was a buffalo
  27. He looked at me and said what
  28. A buffalo
  29. Are you a buffalo
  30. Syncrude has a patch of green in which there live these buffalo
  31. Six very terrified buffalo as tar sands oil machinery crash around them
  32. And in this act syncrude can say there environmental
  33. We are buffalo
  34. Symbols of the arts
  35. But if we speak out we are served up nicely on a bun
  36. At the tory stampede
  37. Quick slip under the fence
  38. I got the shears paint yourself pig as a pig
  39. They will never know
  40. What that glow
  41. Oh sorry wrong paint
  42. Now your glowing as brightly as the waters under ralph’s regime
  43. As environmental ministers never trust a guy whose roles as minisinister was to sell of half the forest.
  44. So be a pig send out poetry while you have a voice
  45. Cause I here there serving bacon next
  46. Cause alberta is no longer the land of beef since the
  47. Cows have died of drought
  48. And are as diseased and mad as the politicians
  49. Which don’t make good eating cause they taste of oil
  50. And baldy recycled ideas.
  51. And iam drowning no ballet feet cut off
  52. And hands firmly crippled in the swan lake
  54. My bones are turned into the blood of war machines
  55. And profit
  56. And prophets warned me but we did not listen and this is our last
  57. only breath treasure it

© Phil Jagger. Pigshoe Diaries. @ ravingpoets.com. (2006).

Day Two
The pigs are not writing award winning poetry slaughtering them looks like a good idea

Remembrance for Old Pigs Lost

  1. Hold up your brief life and candle let it shine a lantern defying staining the dying hope and light
  2. Shout out Whisper in against the storms that ravage morning and chill night
  3. Be the element that howls rages and sparks against the sail shattered and torn
  4. Do not add salt to sea with your grief
  5. Make boxes out the wreckage of ship against reef
  6. Do not look so grim and forlorn
  7. Take out the drum and pipes dance away in mourning clothes of grey and black
  8. You mourn the death of the king of poetry for you think he is dead
  9. Cause of the red autumn leaves and the blood in the winter tracks
  10. His soul the voice light across dark in page is in echo hallooooo of mountain top and
  11. Is in the whisper of leaves so low
  12. The wisdom I carry in the philosophy and word he gave
  13. He kicks saints in the shin Robs the graves
  14. Jester playing games comes staggering out of pandora box
  15. For hope and jot knows how to pick the toughest locks
  16. Let us raise glass and voice
  17. For its is out choice
  18. To toast and cheer and make merry
  19. For is what you would do
  20. Oh king Iron John
  21. Iron John
  22. Iron John.
  23. Firer of words into spinning clay
  24. With idea and arrows of though well armed
  25. For you we wage war against the waning day
  26. And will tell of our valiant comrade and teller of tales
  27. Till the bones break and voice fails
  28. But even then nothing out lives
  29. Then ink the scratch of your pen
  30. To you Iron John
  31. To you is this poem windinay way
  32. A path that may lie covered in ages
  33. But true as your voice
  34. And word

© Phil Jagger. Pigshoe Diaries. @ ravingpoets.com. (2006).

Day 3
Decided to have pork chops today. I had them on the plate but all I could do was think about the pigs downstairs with there curly tails read to be threw up apple sauce all over my shoes


  1. I am excavating my heart of words
  2. Taking out the sylullabies of hope and courage
  3. Till all remains the toxic gas and hisses
  4. Vowel pops
  5. Its time to wake again
  6. Brrreath again
  7. Be i live and gain
  8. New friends tall skinny girl name of ex love
  9. Who is dancing in this moment
  10. In this rain
  11. of thought
  12. I am never tired or collsasinging
  13. and Breaking into a vague light again.

© Phil Jagger. Pigshoe Diaries. @ ravingpoets.com. (2006).

Day 4
Pigs got into my andy warhol diary threw up the words while wearing silver wigs. I am sinGIng abba show tunes with them needless to say weird !!!

Haiku for fish due to copyright restrictions not the good restrictions like the ikea commercial bondage

  1. No poem for you uber fish chickadee
  2. For you see it’s the pigs not the fish who rule
  3. Poetry

© Phil Jagger. Pigshoe Diaries. @ ravingpoets.com. (2006).

Day 5
Got some good pig loving today. But it was me who squealed not the pig. Still have apple sauce in my ears. Pig said this is text to be read while a cd plays. If you ask me those damm pigs are seedy.

Urban Angel Graffiti

  1. Just like
  2. Just like
  3. Tokyo
  4. Watching the urban river flow
  5. Traffic of dreams and stars empty
  6. Toxic
  7. Can see why people strive for vancouver
  8. Like the golden buildings strive for the sky
  9. And it doesn’t quite live up to the expectations.
  10. Wondering about the ghosts of saxophone players
  11. And future parades
  12. In an amber glow
  13. I am reminded of finding my totem here
  14. The dragon fly a thousand perceptions a thousand eyes
  15. Disturbed by the fluttering of wings
  16. Not a dragonfly but a sparrow the common more miraculous
  17. Than the hand of god coming down
  18. Cause of that momentummmm
  19. I wonder where the angels lie
  20. I wonder where the angels crash
  21. I wander where the angels lies
  22. Sprawled out and off-key as my song.
  23. Wandering through the urban sun beat down
  24. I find the golden nugget in the
  25. Centre of clown dyke daze
  26. More of what this city is about than
  27. The retro grade fitting of our flappereque parents
  28. And grandmas going to the shirley temple of her youth cause it was never cool to dress up down or sideways was our motto we are in for the rides.
  29. I meet my friend who talks about the flies gather
  30. red around dance
  31. this man she knows
  32. And she is sick I tell her it’s the heat or the world
  33. Everyone’s getting sick of the tilt a whirled
  34. And in the carny game called life you know its so so fixed
  35. I wonder where the angels lie
  36. I wonder where the angels crash
  37. I wander where the angels lies
  38. Sprawled out and off-key as my song.
  39. I enter the church to find the word
  40. Remember how an angel sat in the loft and wrote down
  41. Everything he felt and saw it was mostly about the free hot dogs and coffee
  42. No I forget the exact phrases but the moment of the music of our lives
  43. I have carried around for so long
  44. I try to enter the santi tea of the cage and am told staff only
  45. They send me packing down the road to the bissel centre to find where
  46. The word lies
  47. The center is far more open than I remember and I paced off the street again
  48. In my white rabbit late daze
  49. And I know
  50. I wonder where the angels lie
  51. I wonder where the angels crash
  52. I don’t have to wander where the angels lies
  53. Sprawled out and off-key as my song.
  54. Cause its right here in the sacred heart.
  55. And people give there holy words of the street
  56. May it catch and seep into the roots of the church
  57. And give resonance adding to the hymns on Sunday
  58. The drum circle on Friday
  59. The shaman tells of his life
  60. In the sacred circle of social work and institutionalization
  61. Youth tells of the lack of food and spirit
  62. How the legacy of poetry shines brighter than the lonely
  63. Streets of gold in buildings
  64. And the jester tells of love
  65. I journeyed with the jester into the heart of sanity
  66. As he went from raving poet talking about punk rawk
  67. Bad landlords and cockroaches to gardening and cottages by the Lake.
  68. He was a master of prose but he was nervous at this first wrestling with the word.
  69. Oh fucking hallalalalalalalalalalyah
  70. I wonder know where the angels lie
  71. I wonder knowwhere the angels crash
  72. I wander know where the angels lies
  73. Sprawled out and off-key as my song.
  74. Its in the word
  75. Its in the bone
  76. Its in the flow of 97 street
  77. Lined not with gold but various forms
  78. Of hope a far more valuable commodity
  79. And across the street mary holds onto her hope
  80. And vietnam firmly telling jesu’s across the street
  81. Down jump junior boy don’t jump you have to be crusadefyed
  82. Jesu’s stands arms out wide I told yah mum
  83. I told yah mum I don’t have to dye my hair in a mohawk to rebel
  84. I just have to live and tell
  85. I wonder where the angels lie
  86. I wonder where the angels crash
  87. I wander where the angels lies
  88. Sprawled out and off-key as my song.
  89. Its here its here this is where the angels lie

© Phil Jagger. Pigshoe Diaries. @ ravingpoets.com. (2006).

Day 666
Devil sock puppets rule the universe.

Remember the golden girl

  1. On the swing trying to kiss sky
  2. Legs wide thought of boys crossing
  3. Them never there
  4. The creaking and the singing
  5. Creaking and the singing
  6. Smack of concrete
  7. As she tripped and fell
  8. She was held and its rocka bye rocka bye
  9. Hush everything is going to be all right
  10. Daddies here
  11. Remember the silver girl hair shaved off
  12. Crumpled up like rag doll hold you beaten up
  13. For being queer
  14. Junked up and eyes open wide
  15. The creaking and the rocking the sickness
  16. Never stops
  17. She never wanted to kiss the sky
  18. She wanted to feel alive and fire again
  19. But I hold her and the world spirals out off
  20. Control
  21. She walks through the buildings of glass
  22. Is some young girl for a daddy for not diamonds or pearls
  23. Mockingbirds its meat for rock
  24. Slaughtered and the pigs look on dead eyes
  25. Cause its not there daughter
  26. This little piggie goes to market
  27. This little piggy ends up a prostitute
  28. And there both white meat
  29. Remember the golden life
  30. The headlines want the young the glorious and the big guns
  31. The history want the young the glorious and the big guns
  32. And we remember in plastic and hallmark flowers
  33. Which pacifists put a symbol in and says it’s for peace
  34. The flower itself is peace
  35. Alive on flanders field
  36. It is life after the loss of a generation
  37. It is life after the choking gas and the piss in pants
  38. And the realization that your grave in blood and bone and mud
  39. Or maybe alone and shivering in a flophouse
  40. Your pension not coming through
  41. And you put on the old radio
  42. And remember dancing with the ghost
  43. Of memory staticing over
  44. Damm the war of freedom is never won
  45. Or glorious
  46. My heart breaks for all the silent wars going down
  47. And there isn’t a sound for its not old nostalgia
  48. Hey boys remember the good old cold war
  49. And the fear you will be a shadow on the wall
  50. And all the while another falls under your feet
  51. And you think another drunken indian
  52. I think it’s another casualty of the silent war
  53. Do you question the spiral the dance
  54. That’s skyrockets young blood into siouxide
  55. Greater than our race for space
  56. They think the only way to kiss the sky
  57. Is through racing faster than the dogs
  58. And smashing in
  59. Young metis buffa low jump is what we should call
  60. The high and level bridge that’s sepe—–rates us
  61. Press arm to arm blood to blood
  62. Life to life
  63. Raise up your brother from the mud
  64. And into the stars
  65. Do judge or say it’s not our problem
  66. Look with reverence at the white crosses that mark
  67. Where ancestors are buried
  68. Not across from power plant
  69. Everywhere the snow falls
  70. Is the mark of remembrance
  71. Don’t try to pin it on your lapel its will
  72. Melt carry it
  73. In your heart
  74. In your heart
  75. In your heart

© Phil Jagger. Pigshoe Diaries. @ ravingpoets.com. (2006).

Day 7
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs. Help me I am tied up and the pigs are sharpening there knives. The alberta beatnik is a prophet and I am going to experience a trace willan nightmare WEEE WEEEE


  1. Hush little child
  2. The future future
  3. May disturb you
  4. But there is the sun
  5. So so bright
  6. Holds up skinny arm
  7. Of revolution
  8. Against the moon
  9. Sing in silver of cossack blade
  10. No the white russian handkerchief does
  11. Not change into the river red blood flag
  12. Of the bolsheviks
  13. It’s held over mouth
  14. As you die like your grandfather did
  15. Hand over mouth
  16. Identity on breast
  17. And the lullaby of gas washes over
  18. The hissing the missing and the trees are bare
  19. Nothing grows and the fruit is bitter
  20. This is the lullaby of gas
  21. The night is shoot out
  22. No stars black the colour of lakias coat
  23. Little dog you knew all the tricks
  24. But what happens to all the good little dogs
  25. It the same as four telling rabbits
  26. You seem them skinned in the sickening
  27. Pulses addled and quickening
  28. The hamsters earnestly turning the wheel of bureaucrazy and racing
  29. For the claim space
  30. Said you died after a weeks
  31. It was only hours
  32. And your howl stretching folding time and prophecy
  33. Told of the red star collapse sing sing sing into the black velvet hole of capitelltell tell ism
  34. And the only thing left after your guts exploded
  35. Was the lullaby of gas
  36. What happens to all the good little dogs
  37. They eat bad fruit and die shivering in yours arms
  38. Harsh and cycnical lights all for the cause of betterment
  39. Who’s a good little doggy I can see your brains
  40. The stars of it glowing dying out
  41. Young peterburg rabbits sit in the greek café
  42. Talk about how they were thrown to the european wolves
  43. And american coyotes left to fend for themselves
  44. They didn’t know how to eat or vote for themselves
  45. And mother ussr frankenstein was returned to her original pieces
  46. The heart and conscience strangely missing
  47. All of this for the blue jeans and going doing south
  48. So you can get fucked by the american cuban missile crisis
  49. Cause the president doesn’t know how to keep the missile in there pants
  50. Other rabbits there lines go back to the boot
  51. On there necks the lash on backs
  52. Turned into the general with the bad eyes
  53. Looks out of muscovite apartments drinks fine brandy eats
  54. Brie watches the masses collect for bread rotten in there mouth
  55. It wasn’t democracy the people clamored for
  56. It was the right to drink pepsi or chokes
  57. You the sound of the gasses a hissing
  58. No it’s the sound of the communist revolution
  59. Mark and Engles and Grouch and Thomas More spinning in there graves
  60. Once the fruit looked so beautiful but when the apples was divided some had
  61. Whole orchids in there pockets and watched as there own mother starved off another taste
  62. It’s the lullaby of gas
  63. But the bear she has grace
  64. All pretty dancin in the tutu
  65. Never mind what keeps her on her hinds legs
  66. But the shackles re rusted as the sickle
  67. That was drawn against the young Ukrainians throats
  68. By good old uncle joe
  69. She urges her young to dance to
  70. Then senses something’s not right she bats it lovingly
  71. And the bears head goes spinning off
  72. It’s a short clown in a bad bear suit
  73. And then she dismembers all her young while still dancing away
  74. Takes the blood paints it on her lips to look pretty
  75. But the man in the tall tall hat and the funny beard
  76. Plays away at his organ
  77. The song so beautiful to the bear’s ears it makes her dance and dance so merry
  78. Actually the song is off-key and scary
  79. About when his younger brother burned his room
  80. In retaliation for the times beaten up
  81. And how the younger brother actually managed to defend himself
  82. And beat the older brother back for the last time
  83. Now the younger brother tags along like little brothers do
  84. Takes his stick jabs it into the bear’s ribs to make her dance
  85. And all of a sudden her guts come out
  86. And its only gears she is only a automaton
  87. Once she played chess
  88. Will the uncle in the top hat
  89. The pieces were glass and when innocence and power was played
  90. The pieces filled with the colour black or white red or white
  91. Or even blue not matter it was blood the drove the pieces
  92. And not the life the energy the spilling of the seeds
  93. Was the killing of the fruit
  94. The wind rustling in the barren trees the lullaby of gas
  95. The bear and the uncle are married now
  96. The marriage vows exactly the same
  97. She ain’t good at doing dishes she breaks them
  98. And he is looking haggard and bruised
  99. The scars across him a mark of honor
  100. For she still dances
  101. No children though He taught them to shoot from such a young age
  102. And they all marked each other in the sights
  103. Shoot out the moon and avert stars in nights
  104. Until all they had was each other for the targets
  105. And the fathers hand in on the gun
  106. The brains across the floor
  107. Children scattered like there bloody dolls
  108. And the sound is the door creaking the oven left open
  109. And it’s the lullaby of gas
  110. No fruit will spring from this earth it’s far too barren
  111. But the heart of the grandmother is found in a mayonnaise jar

© Phil Jagger. Pigshoe Diaries. @ ravingpoets.com. (2006).

Day the fish is ate
The fish was delish. It went well with a good orange glaze. Made us sick to our stomachs though. It was actually rotten and fruity.

James Bondage

  1. This is the piece I performed
  2. When I decided to penetrate the vagina
  3. Monologue Auditions
  4. I was dressed in a slinky black cocktail dress
  5. Emphasis on the cock baby
  6. I was more a bloody queen than Carrie at the prom
  7. And equally ejected
  8. They threw me out the door saying
  9. I was to vogue cosmopolitan they don’t want super models
  10. They wanted a real women and who says sarcasm is dead
  11. Only chivalry is dead only when I open a door and the girl walks straight into it
  12. Speaking of girls me and two of my closest girl friends were walking to the roost one day
  13. And as I passed through the door one of the big drag queens turned to each other and said
  14. I though it was a group of lesbians
  15. Never dress like a soccer mom in one of those bars
  16. Complete with the Mrs. Robinson Cruise so survivor
  17. Instinct for young piglet aka boys
  18. Cause when there young and beautiful at the roost that means there straight
  19. Or so says the oilrightworker when I tied him up and showed him a thing or two about Kyoto accords
  20. I could be talking about the gay cup
  21. Yes that’s right football is gay
  22. There more tight ends and white lines
  23. Than a night at the boots and saddles
  24. And when you’re done you go the locker room
  25. get soaped up in the showers
  26. And grab each others asses
  27. And you think there’s nothing manly about ballet
  28. Least we are not wearing green and gold
  29. That screams Ethel mermen
  30. I could talk about National rodeo weak in the knees week
  31. O was hanging outside at rebar
  32. Cowboys walk by friend yells out yeeehah a bunch of redneck hicks
  33. They turn and look at me
  34. One of them sidles up to me and looking at me in my finest
  35. Andy Waracholicblack attire Boy you should be in movies
  36. I reply I am Pornos
  37. And boy I could rope you up and
  38. bust your bronco all night long.
  39. Once upon a time there was sue and bill. They were unhappy so bill became sue became bill. They were unhappy so bill became nancy became bill and became ????Needless to say there were more balls passed around than ping pong at a gberiling convention.
  40. But I am not here to talk about fairy tales
  41. There is a woman who smokes word
  42. Slow mellow ganja tunes that
  43. Makes you think and sex and wet beaches
  44. And the cold winters of disappointment
  45. Who jazz Diaspora of the relationship profiling
  46. Is black and white key turning balls a churning unlock
  47. The whiskey bird cause she’s free and warbling freeedom and beauty
  48. Tonight.
  49. The birds environmental
  50. Though
  51. A whole tree was there in my pants
  52. And woody the woodypecker was nowhere to relieve it
  53. So I walk into the John
  54. And her brother walks in
  55. And he like I cant believe she read the sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx poem
  56. And I was red in the face
  57. Trying to hide my Cuban missile crisis
  58. With my hand the effect of her poem
  59. I know where my balls are in my pocket.

© Phil Jagger. Pigshoe Diaries. @ ravingpoets.com. (2006).

GAY 69
Holy blistering mumwumps the fish came out my ass. Spewing apple sauce he tied me up and made us write this poem. With love snowballing and teabag the lovable pigzz.


  1. Mmmm mmmm mmmmm
  2. The goober fish is looking at the digital whirled
  3. Spun out and giddy
  4. All the beautiful corn
  5. That he can handle
  6. Wide open golden fields of corn.
  7. The goober fish is scared off a conservative board
  8. The whacks him over the head and tells him he is a bad bad fish.
  9. The fish is not a post modernist he is a big stick expressionist
  10. Or by the marks on his skin an impressionist
  11. Oh yah the fishy wishy fishy wished is afraid that one day
  12. He would look artistic with an orange side of kelp and some glaze.
  13. A man looks over the fishes shoulder says that sick
  14. At the modern primitive fish with hooks through his lips
  15. And another man with a forked tongue.
  16. That’s a look easier done by joining the conservative alliance party.
  17. Now that’s a party that can be no fun to join.
  18. Or invited to. All of a sudden the hyper annoying kid whose party it is a first gets replaced by the suave hip man who so modernly right in view of homosexuals that he would never get caught in a dress that time in college was just a fluke and the bar he though the girls at the door were really tall.
  19. And the fish is scared closets are way to frightening has dreams about going through discovering the white white singing abba disco tunes and this is far above white lines and black traffic buzzing.
  20. The fish is scared of the knife of self doubt that bones him deep.
  21. The fish is scared the gee I eight the world will eat him too.
  22. This man says cutting your tongue like that is like a woman cutting of her sons arms to make money.
  23. And we do this in the everyday as our lives fuel the corporate aircraft of greed
  24. And we welcome the crash in the trade centers of our lives cause it’s just another excuse for the world.
  25. Yes the goober fish is scared.
  26. For the g8 surgery
  27. He wakes up all pretty thin lips like some superstar
  28. Big breasts just like his dad after sitting on the couch and having to many beer
  29. And that rockstar walk just makes him queer
  30. For all the beauty of a face lifted world the inside is still rotten.
  31. Why does the g8 sound like Jihad cause it’s a holy war against the poor the underclass.
  32. There nothing holy about war.
  33. You end up with the absence of a generation.
  34. Maybe it’s the in the lost that you find god or mohamad or buddah
  35. And what is the world needs now is a new mcdonalds and the fish can never get it right.
  36. Left or middle the fish doesn’t know what school the swim in and creates a new revulsion.
  37. Has dreams a about a third eye beauty contest and he knows just what to do
  38. He begins to eat the head
  39. Then the fins
  40. Then the tale oh the goober fish is
  41. Eaten the goober fish is eaten
  42. Before the gee I can eat the world eats him to.

© Phil Jagger. Pigshoe Diaries. @ ravingpoets.com. (2006).

Day Pi figure this you expected ten
Me and the pigs are getting married and having post surrealist kids. Got rubber duckie tape and utensils for the honeymoon. The meal is strictly vegetarian alberta beatnik stew.

Painted Breath

You expect dialogue from the metasockpuppetphiles performance guy (NOTE TO SELF MAKE IT LOOK AS IF YOU ARE READING FROM THE PAGE)
Instead enjoy these painted breaths
It’s the end of the pig as I know it and I feel fine

  2. Breath 1
  3. A famous indian journalist said the best way to see
  4. america is by bus at night when the rates are cheaper
  5. I agree but for me the best time is the bus rush crush traffic
  6. when the characters of your book are defined in the lines of sight
  7. and the weary and hopeful come together in a moment and monet
  8. of destination
  10. Breath 2
  11. I have murder and midwifery on my hands
  12. Theres hope in the kitchen fridge and defeets
  13. In my dancing the creak and cracking is my back
  14. Minds exploding and the fires in my belly
  15. Oh this art to choke hearts
  16. Is growing wild and this song is firm upon my tongue
  17. It tastes of paint
  18. It’s the end of the pig as I know it and I feel fine.
  20. Breath 3
  21. Holy daze and mountains
  22. Throne of gods
  23. summit of graveyards explorers ghosts wail turn to
  24. Monks Ohm and the turning of prayer wheels
  25. In all in a moment of sand
  26. A mandala that’s fades into the blessed now
  27. Then why am I upset at the monsters
  28. Abominable they do exist
  29. They have there logo Pepsi and coke
  30. Plastered over your base
  31. And the cradle of civilization is defecated and defeated by your paint
  32. But there is no taking away of this rash
  33. Poisoning people culture with your corporate greed
  34. soda pop cheaper than life itself
  35. the new weapon of bio no logic warfare
  36. The mongoose lies skinned
  37. You the cobra promise jobs and charm
  38. But in your search for the clearest water
  39. You drip your venom into the well
  40. And see nothing wrong with the people
  41. Dying for its your property to do with as you please.
  42. There souls gather in the butterfly tree
  43. Copy right Owned by the microsoft cells dissolving
  44. There is no going back only into the dust the atoms
  45. That form into the dow of chemicals
  46. It’s the end of the pig as I know it and I feel myself

© Phil Jagger. Pigshoe Diaries. @ ravingpoets.com. (2006).

About the Poet:

“Jagger is the transformer of poetry. The eighties cartoonamaniac of verse. He changes shape from the cowboy poet to the ubergoober fish to the metasockpuppetphilises. Be scared or scarred. The only quotes about Phil that are adeqate are, ‘He needs help,’ and ‘I think I understand him and that scares me.'”
  – satoreye [aka: Phillip Jagger]

Philip Jagger (contemporary) is a Canadian artist and poet based in Edmonton, Alberta. Jagger is a member of performace group, The Raving Poets, who blend live improv music (courtesy of the world-famous Raving Poets Band) with poetry. The group can be thought of as nouveau-Beat, and an update on the jazz-riff versifiers of the previous century. [DES-11/13]

Additional information:

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