Anonymous – (fl. 1997)

A PIG in a WIG

  1. A PIG in a WIG, with a Blue-Ribbon WIN,
  2. Was given to breeding with hogs, but in SIN.
  3. She paid for her deeds when the SON of that SOW
  4. Had trans-species surgery; NOW he’s a COW.

© Used with permission.
The Atlantic online. May 1997.

Editor’s Note:

This poem was a winner of ‘Top Favorites’ honors in the online word morphing contest held in May 1997 by Wordplay — a cozy corner of The Atlantic’s online suite where visitors were asked to be inventive with puns, rhymes, anagrams, or other wordplay.

This contest involved morphing a word by changing one letter at a time to form a new word at each stage, CAT can be morphed into DOG in three moves (CAT, COT, COG, DOG), and BULL can be morphed into BEAR in four moves. Keywords were to be capitalized in submissions, and contestants had to incorporate the morphing into a poem, song or story as part of the contest.

Wordplay, now closed, was hosted by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon, the creators of The Atlantic Puzzler.

About the Poet

In May of 1997, the poet could be reached at:[DES-7/06]

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