Skelton, Robin

Canada, (1925-1997)

Wart Hog

  1. Moon-tusked, wrenching at roots,
  2. I dream of women.
  4. Once there were sacred boars
  5. in the sacred wood,
  7. eaters of corpses,
  8. guardians of the groves
  10. under the wand of the goddess.
  11. Now I grub,
  13. trample, and squeal,
  14. bulk-shouldered, warted, haired
  16. rank as the sweat of terror,
  17. sour as shame,
  19. guardian of no ritual
  20. but the thrust
  22. through darkness
  23. of the bald horn of the moon.

© Robin Skelton. Timelight: poems. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart (1974).

About the Poet:

Robin Skelton (1925-1997) was a Canadian poet, academic, writer and anthologist. Born in England, Skelton studied at the University of Leeds and Cambridge University. Skelton was Centenary Lecturer at the University of Massachusetts in 1962. In 1963 he moved to Greater Victoria, British Columbia becoming Associate Professor of English and then Professor at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. Robin served as Founder Chairman of Department of Creative Writing 1973-76.

Skelton was an authority on Irish literature. He is well known for his work as a literary editor; he was a founder and editor, with John Peter, of The Malahat Review, and a translator.

Known as a practising Wiccan, Skelton also published a number of books on the subject of the occult and other neopagan religions. He became an initiated Wiccan during his later life and wrote the books on witchcraft: and magick including: Spellcraft (1978), Talismanic Magic (1985), and The Practice of Witchcraft Today (1988).

Georges Zuk, a heteronym created by Skelton, was a purported French surrealist poet and an imaginary character created by Skelton so he could could write in different styles. [DES-07/14]

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