Spoonbill Generator

Anonymous – Collaborative (contemporary)

  2. A caramel pig once sat on the throne
  3. Sweet little piggy sat all alone
  4. Thinking the thoughts permitted by brains
  5. And drinking the quarts on British Rail trains

a Spoonbill Generator collaborative verse from: Apsley and Nigel Sly, finished 14/4/2002.

About the Poet

Spoonbill Generator is an ongoing internet collaborative verse project. The first poem created on the Spoonbill Generator was completed in June 1996 and over 2400 more have been written since, ranging from minor masterpieces to complete rubbish.

The Generator gives anyone the opportunity to contribute to a collaborative work of verse. There are always three poems being written concurrently. The Spoonbill Generation springs from the mind of Peter Christian at spoonbill.org. [DES-10/06]

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