Orley, Jan van

Flemish, (1665-1735)

  • Jan van Orley - Ite at illi exeuntes abierunt in Porcos
  • Ite at illi exeuntes abierunt in Porcos

  • [And he said unto them go
    and when they were come out
    they went into the herd of swine]
  • (ndg.), engraving
  • 8.4 x 10.4 in. (21.4 x 26.4 cm.)
  • Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
  • Editor’s Note:

    The title of the work shown comes from the story of the Gadarene Swine in Mathew 8:32 of the ‘Latin Vulgate Bible’ which was translated from the Hebrew and Aramaic by Jerome between 382 and 405 CE and is also known as the ‘common translation.’

    Mathew 8:32 Latin Vulgate: et ait illis ite at illi exeuntes abierunt in porcos et ecce impetu abiit totus grex per praeceps in mare et mortui sunt in aquis.

    Mathew 8:32 King James Version: And he said unto them, Go. And when they were come out, they went into the herd of swine: and, behold, the whole herd of swine ran violently down a steep place into the sea, and perished in the waters.

    Here is a close up of the swine above:


About the Artist

Jan van Orley, Flemish, (1665-1735). Jan (Jean) van Orley was a painter, draughtsman, etcher and younger son and pupil of Pieter van Orley (1638 – 1708), a landscape painter, and brother of fellow painter Richard van Orley (1663 – 1732).

Jan Van Orley originally worked as a miniaturist, later expanding into commissioned portraits and works with religious and mythological subjects. After his death many of his works were used as the basis for tapestries.

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