Bouchor, Joseph-Félix

France, (1853-1937)

  • Joseph-Félix Bouchor- Le marché aux cochons d'Auray
  • Le marché aux cochons d’Auray

  • ndg, oil on canvas
  • 13 x 18.1 in. (33 x 46 cm.)
  • Musée des beaux-arts de Vannes

About the Artist:

Joseph-Félix Bouchor, France, (1853-1937), was an illustrator and painter. He studied at the Beaux-Arts

Bouchor was embedded with allied troops during World War I. He created many military paintings depicting French and American forces in action on the frontlines. His portraits of General John Pershing and French President Georges Clemenceau as well as his illustrations of the American Expeditionary Force are his most famous works. After the war, Bouchor travelled and painted extensively in France and North Africa. [DES-12/15]

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