Jones, Charlene

Canada, (b. 1952)

Pig Dreams

  1. The pig never suspects herself
  2. wrapped in tender plastic,
  3. frozen, thawing under hot water
  4. thinned to mere centimeters
  5. of mostly flab and some of its meat.
  6. No, in her best stall moments,
  7. leaned up against the safe grey boards,
  8. scratching her back with diligent satisfaction
  9. and what would be in a more encouraged beast
  10. delight, the pig has in her mind
  11. a moment in spring
  12. the smell of mown grass
  13. streaking up her nostrils like a naked vision
  14. the farmer opening the stall door
  15. into a pillar of light
  16. and blinking, the pig herself staggering
  17. in the sun toward the trough.
  18. Her snout quivers at the cool delicious water,
  19. and just as she sees her wavering reflection
  20. she snorts a loud obeisance
  21. to the Goddess
  22. whom she knows
  23. she one day will be.

© Charlene Jones. Bliss Pig and Other Poems with Linda Stitt. Toronto: Natural Heritage (1999).

About the Poet:

Charlene Jones, M.Ed/M.A, Canada (b. 1952), is a poet, writer, reviewer, practicing psychotherapist, meditation teacher and the Musselman Lake Correspondent for the Stouffville Free Press in Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario.

Jones’ has a double Master’s degree in Education and English. Her work as a psychotherapist and teacher involves the practice of Buddhist Vajrayana Meditation, Vipassana, and of all forms of western psychotherapeutic modalities, including Bio-Energetics and Mandala therapy.

Jones is currently at work on publishing her first novel. She has two books of poetry to her credit – Uncritical Mass in Consort (1995) with Linda Stitt and Cecilie Kwait and Bliss Pig with Linda Stitt (1999). Her individual poems have also been published in many North American magazines. An accomplished performer, Ms. Jones thoroughly enjoys standing up in front of folks and embellishing her written words with her vocal interpretation. [DES-01/13]

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