Stitt, Linda

Canada, (b. 1932)

Bliss Pig

  1. I am a bliss pig,
  2. rooting in the moment
  3. to find the rapture
  4. buried in the mundane.
  5. I have a nose for delight,
  6. a feline organ
  7. which tastes the odours of the present,
  8. feasting on the ordinary.
  9. Every blossoming instant
  10. impregnated with awareness
  11. bears the fruit of the divine.
  12. I will find it.
  13. I will crunch the bitter bones of now
  14. and savour their secret centre.
  15. I will gnaw through the husk of despair
  16. and sip the nectar
  17. at the heart of the immediate.
  18. No ambrosia is safe from me.
  19. Hidden in anger,
  20. concealed in pain,
  21. cached beneath the gravestone of regret,
  22. I will discover it,
  23. turning the earth of each motion
  24. to the light,
  25. gobbling the energy
  26. transformed to ecstasy.

© Linda Stitt. Bliss Pig and Other Poems with Charlene Jones. Toronto: Natural Heritage (1999).

About the Poet:

Linda Stitt (b. 1932) Canada, was born in Huntsville, Ontario, crying in iambic pentameter. She was educated in Georgetown and Toronto and lived for many years in Thunder Bay, where she began the process of what Carl Sagan described as “matter coming to consciousness”. Today, her exploration continues even now that she has exceeded her shelf life and surpassed her best if used before date.

Stitt has given many workshops in both Canada and the U.S., and has also appeared on radio and television. Books in print include: Adjust Your Set. Natural Heritage (1997), Insights and Outlooks (1991), Uncritical Mass in Consort (1995), Bliss Pig and Other Poems by Linda Stitt and Charlene Jones (1999) and Passionate Intensity (2003). [DES-01/13]

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