Bouchard, David

Canada, (b. 1952)

Blonde Mangalitza Pig

  1. You’ll undoubtedly have noted
  2. I was not bred for my beauty.
  3. I expect you will agree that
  4. There are few who look like me.
  6. And you’re right if thus you see me
  7. I’m a curly-coated, fleecy pig
  8. Your eyes are not deceiving you,
  9. I am a pig and not a sheep
  10. The last one of my kind now that
  11. The Lincolnshire’s gone.
  13. I’m very large and quite rotund
  14. A pig that offers ample lard
  15. A substance they use less today
  16. And thus no need of me.
  18. I somehow thought, don’t think me crass,
  19. That my uniqueness might just find
  20. Me of some interest to your kind,
  21. Aesthetics seem to please.
  23. I somehow hoped I’d fascinate
  24. The few who care for rarities
  25. The few who understand “extinct”
  26. Means now until forever.
  27. That you might understand “extinct”
  28. Means I’ll be lost forever.

© Dave Bouchard. Barnyard Bestiary. Victoria, BC: Orca Book Publishers (1999).

About the Poet:

David Bouchard, Canada (b. 1952), was born in Northern Saskatchewan. Following graduation from College Mathieu, a private school in Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan, Bouchard worked as a teacher and school principal. He has written more than 50 books in English and in French. Most of his books have been for the youth market and many combine poetry, prose and visual arts. Some of his preferred topics include environmental issues, history and the traditions and cultures of Canada’s Aboriginal communities.

Bouchard is also employed as a public speaker, who promotes the importance and joy of reading and writing. In his presentations to children, parents and teachers, he also addresses his own struggles with dyslexia and his pride in his Métis heritage. He is a former president of the Métis Nation of Greater Victoria and continues to serve as a community leader. In April 2009, Bouchard was named as a Member of the Order of Canada. [DES-09/14]

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