Forrest, Frederick

British, (fl. 1766)

St. Anthony and his Pig. A Cantata

  1. Recitative
  3. LET clownish Cymon, in fond rustic strains,
  4. To lovely Iphigene declare his pains;
  5. Let tink’ring Tom for dustcart Sylvia pine,
  6. I sing St. Anthony and his fav’rite swine:
  7. Who, strange to tell, like you and I could speak,
  8. When other grov’ling pigs could only squeak.
  9. But when, or how, this wonder came to pass,
  10. Remains unnoticed by the scribbling class:
  11. Let it suffice, as oft he did caress her,
  12. Thus, like a lovesick swain, he would address her.

  2. Air
  4. O my pretty piggy-wiggy,
  5. More sweet than is the figgy,
  6. That grows on yonder twiggy,
  7. Or sugar candy;
  8. My love for thee surpasses
  9. All that which pretty lasses
  10. Have for their looking-glasses,
  11. Or Tristram Shandy.

  2. Recitative
  4. With little doting eyes, and ears upright,
  5. To all he says she listens with delight:
  6. Then, like the sluggish ass in scripture told,
  7. In grunting accent did her mind unfold.

  2. Air
  4. How shall I my thanks declare, sir,
  5. In a learned genteel air, sir?
  6. I the court have never seen,
  7. Or at boarding-school have been;
  9. Nor a singer am, you know, sir,
  10. To delight like Beard and Lowe, sir;
  11. But since I must play my part,
  12. Thank you, sir, with all my heart.

  2. Recitative
  4. The hoary dotard gazes on her charms,
  5. And fondly clasps her in his withered arms;
  6. Then gently stroking first her bristled hide,
  7. Smacked her soft balmy snout, and thus replied.

  2. Air
  4. Let sordid mortals toil all day,
  5. For gold and silver search and dig;
  6. A greater treasure I enjoy
  7. In this, my charming talking pig.
  9. Though mighty monarchs on their thrones
  10. In pride and state look fierce and big,
  11. They are not so content and blessed
  12. As is old Tony with his pig.
  14. I neither care who’s in or out,
  15. Whether Tory, whether Whig,
  16. I love my country, King and Queen,
  17. But best of all I love my pig.

The New Book of Eighteenth Century Verse,. Edited by Roger Lonsdale, Oxford University Press, 1984.

About the Poet

Frederick Forrest (fl. 1766), English poet and song writer, often collaborating with his brother, Theodosius Forrest. [DES-6/03]

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